Core Bank Trust provides numerous financial solutions to meet our client’s ever changing needs.

We work as a team with other professional advisors to design and deliver a comprehensive financial plan that satisfies the needs and objectives of our clients regardless of where they are in their financial lifecycle. Please contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

Asset Management

Our services include professional, sophisticated and comprehensive management of client assets including cash and cash equivalents, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, real estate, life insurance, closely held interests and other various asset classes that are consistent with client goals and objectives.

Trust Administration

Includes revocable and irrevocable trusts designed to reduce probate and estate costs along with growth and preservation of family assets. We provide comprehensive services in administering a client’s trust with active professional asset management.

Charitable Trust Administration

Whether your desire is to benefit a favorite charity during your lifetime or afterwards, we provide professional services in administering and investing assets to maximize your gift while also distributing current income to you or someone else. A charitable trust is an effective vehicle for increasing current income, reducing estate taxes and providing income tax benefits all at the same time along with leaving a personal legacy to your favorite charity.

Estate Administration

We serve as a corporate personal representative thereby providing objective, professional and timely settlement of estate issues in concert with the designated estate attorney. Our services can greatly reduce potential estate administrative expenses and reduce or eliminate family conflicts during the settlement process.

Foundation and Endowment Administration

Our administrative and asset management services provide the consolidated solution to private and public foundations and their boards of directors thereby allowing the organization the time to focus on its mission and critical needs.

Life Insurance Trust Administration

Normally provides liquidity for your estate or creates a legacy gift for family members, this trust provides the transfers of life insurance proceeds without Federal Estate Tax consequences.


When a legal proceeding results in the transfer of an individual’s financial affairs to a court appointed fiduciary, we provide the management and administrative solution. Part of our solution includes professional asset management, annual accounting and comprehensive financial services for the benefit of the protected person.

Individual Retirement Accounts

We can establish Traditional or Roth accounts, Simple Plans, Self Employed Plans, transfers or rollovers of existing tax deferred accounts (including 401k and 403b plans) along with professional asset management to provide you money upon retirement. We have comprehensive financial tools to model numerous solutions based on your individual needs and circumstances.

Qualified and Non-Qualified Employee Benefits

We can design, implement and administer various tax deferred retirement plans for the owners and employees of companies that are looking to reduce taxes and provide customized retirement solutions.

Custody Services

We provide a comprehensive administration of your investment portfolio by providing accounting, settlement, valuation, tax and safekeeping services for your assets. The information we provide you can be as simple or as complex as you require.